Opportunities for SMEs

One of the groups that are already significantly benefiting from Horizon 2020 are small to medium sized businesses (‘SMEs’), which have been allocated at least € 8.6 billion for research and innovation projects. Support for SMEs under Horizon 2020 also includes fast-track to market schemes that are designed specifically for innovating SMEs. These programmes aim to:

  • Fill the gaps in funding that currently exist for early-stage and high-risk research
  • Provide support for all types of innovation, including products and services
  • Target all types of developing and growing SMEs across Europe

The Vision2020 Approach

Vision2020 aims to ensure that its members can derive maximum value from Horizon 2020, by connecting innovating SMEs to leading research organisations with an excellent European track record. This means:

  • Linking SMEs up with research groups based at leading institutions across Europe
  • Helping to connect innovating SMEs with Horizon 2020 project consortia at an early stage
  • Promoting effective cooperation between research organisations and SMEs in Horizon 2020
  • Providing assistance in targeting suitable Horizon 2020 calls
  • Giving direct access to a community of trusted Horizon 2020 experts and consultants

Vision2020's Helixes

We achieve this by connecting all of our different types of members in smaller groups called 'Helixes', which focus on a particular area of Horizon 2020. These Helixes act as launchpads for excellent and innovative project consortia seeking Horizon 2020 funding.

Vision2020 Membership

Vision2020 membership for SMEs is available to any company with an annual turnover of less than €50 million and fewer than 250 employees, and covers the whole 7-year Horizon 2020 programme until December 31st 2020.


Vision2020's SME Members

vision2020's nanotechnologY And materials HELIX at the 2014 kickoff meeting in terrASSA, SPAIN

vision2020's nanotechnologY And materials HELIX at the 2014 kickoff meeting in terrASSA, SPAIN