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New Members: Joining Process

We're delighted that your organisation has decided to join The Crowdhelix Network. To establish your status as a member of the platform we will shortly be drawing up a "Statement of Membership" between Crowdhelix Limited and your organisation.

So that we can do this as accurately as possible, and to start your organisation's participation in the network without delay, we would be grateful if you could please could fill out the form below. If you have any difficulties, please click the “Support” button to the bottom right of the page.

Once received, one of the Crowdhelix team will be in touch with you as soon as possible with a draft of the network membership statement, and your invoice for the upcoming membership period. Thank you very much indeed for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you to the network very soon.

Abdul Rahim - Director, Crowdhelix Limited

Membership Statement Request Form

Contact Person
Contact Person: Name *
Contact Person: Name
This person should be the primary contact person regarding the network at your organisation. They will also have access to your organisation's control panel on Crowdhelix.
Please include the country code. We will normally contact you via email, but you may include your phone number here if you prefer.
Member Organisation
Member Organisation: Address *
Member Organisation: Address
If applicable, please write any specific instructions for invoicing your organisation here.
Please provide a link to a square-shaped logo for your organisation, or email one to
Please provide a ~100 word description of your organisation, for its profile on the Crowdhelix platform.
Preferred Membership Start
Preferred Membership Start
If you prefer your membership to start on a specific date please indicate this here. Otherwise, we will start it from the first day of the next calendar month.
Helixes of Interest
Please select any number of Crowdhelix's "Helixes" that are of interest to your organisation here
If you have colleagues that you would like us to copy in to emails about your organisation's network membership, please list their email addresses below. Please ensure you have their permission for this. Also, if you have any specific research teams or departments you would like us to set up on the platform for you, please provide details here. Once your organisation's membership is activated, your chosen "Organisation Leader" on Crowdhelix will be able to invite any number of colleagues to sign up to the platform, or they can sign themselves up automatically using their work email address.
If you learned about the network from a specific organisation or person, please name them below.
Data Processing *