The European Union's Horizon 2020 programme has an €80 billion budget to fund thousands of research & innovation projects worldwide.

Vision2020: The Crowdhelix Network connects researchers from leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world, so that together they can win Horizon 2020 funding and deliver pioneering projects.


The Crowdhelix Platform

The Vision2020 network is powered by Crowdhelix, a custom-built collaboration and Open Innovation platform.

If you are an employee or student of a Vision2020 member organisation you can sign up to Crowdhelix today. Once registered, you can seek Horizon 2020 collaborators, respond to collaboration opportunities, and highlight your expertise on your profile.


The Vision2020 Network

    • The Vision2020 network is open to any organisation, anywhere in the world, with the ambition to collaborate and succeed in Horizon 2020. 
    • Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever, with €80 billion of funding available.
    • Vision2020 hosts collaborative communities called Helixes that focus on a particular Horizon 2020 research topic, and its calls for project proposals.
    • The Helixes also hold periodic topic-focused collaboration events to help launch successful consortia.
    • Subscription fees apply for membership; contact us to discuss how Vision2020 can help your organisation succeed.

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